Statement of Senator Larry W. Smith on Bill C-44

 Ottawa, June 22, 2017 – Senator Larry W. Smith, Leader of the Conservative Senate Caucus, made the following statement

“Today, the Conservative Caucus stood up for taxpayers and voted in favor of keeping the amendments regarding the escalator excise tax clause in Bill C-44. We are disappointed with the outcome of the vote.

“Conservative Senators are firm in their belief that hard-working Canadians should not be subject to an automatic tax increase by indexation without representation. We believe that if government wants to increase any tax it should come back to Parliament and justify it.

“Beer, wine and spirit producers, in addition to the tourism and restaurant sectors, will all be directly impacted by this new tax. This government did not undertake an economic impact analysis of this important industry in Canada. As a result, not only will Canadians be paying more taxes, but the grape growers, hops producers and grain farmers will also be impact by this tax measure, year after year.

“Conservative Senators will continue to defend the rights of hard-working Canadian taxpayers.”


Information (media only):

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Office of the Honourable Larry W. Smith

Leader of the Conservative Senate Caucus

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