Olympic Team

Hon. Nancy Greene Raine: My question is for the Honourable Leader of the Government in the Senate. I’ve been following with interest the efforts of speed skater William Dutton from Saskatchewan to be named to the Olympic team. He put a protest in when he was left off the team by Speed Skating Canada and that went to the Canadian arbitration process that all athletes follow when there are issues like this.

His issue is that there was a mandatory need to qualify within the top 16 times in the world. It turned out that two of those 16 times were posted by Russian speed skaters who were subsequently disqualified for doping infractions. He has suggested, and I support him in this, that anybody who is ahead of you on a list like that who got their result through doping and was caught shouldn’t be included in the list of 16 that you have to be better than in order to qualify.

Would you check with the Minister of Sport and see whether the process has come to the right resolution and that Mr. Dutton will be representing Canada at the Olympics in Pyeongchang?

Hon. Peter Harder (Government Representative in the Senate): I thank honourable senator for her question…. Of course, I will take the honourable senator’s question to the responsible minister and seek a response.